Sunday, April 27, 2014

More Dark Souls 2!!! PC EDITION!

Back into playing Dark Souls 2 (with ESO on the side).  It's AMAZING on the PC.  The PS3 looks like doo-doo compared to the PC version (in terms of sharpness and clarity).  The PC version also loads up so much more faster, where in the PS3 it can take a minute or two.  If your playing, make sure to grab GeDoSaTo from Durante.  It not only works for DS2, but other games as well.  What it does is it allows you to play 4K plus resolutions and downsample to your native res.  Which means extra super sharp textures etc.

Here's a quick 5 minute vid (recorded with Shadowplay)

Friday, April 11, 2014

ESO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Stuff

Ah, been a long time since I updated.  Had some trips to the hospital and was sick here and there, so didn't have much time to update here or even play anything.  But now that's behind me, its back to regular gaming.  Lately I've been playing a lot of ESO (Elder Scrolls Online).  The game actually turned out to be really good.  Especially all the PvP/AvA stuff.  Its amazing!

I still have to beat Diablo 3:  Reaper of Souls.  The last boss is sooooooooooooo cheap.  And I am too stubborn to lower the difficulty to Expert/Master.