Friday, November 22, 2013


So PS4 is among us so is Xbox One.  Nintendo just released Super Mario 3D World and Zelda for the 3DS.  Also Elder Scrolls Online beta this weekend.  WHY IS EVERYTHING ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!

In other news.  I just upgraded my PS4 HDD with a 1TB SHDD.  After all those games (6 games total) I had about 150-160gb of space left.  I've been doing streams directly from my PS4 (awesome feature).  I'll try and post more videos here.  I love the 15 minute DVR function.  I get to catch funky bugs like these.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Playstation 4!!!

Got it, with 6 games (Amazon + Target B2G1 free bought with rewards/coupons).  Out of the 6 only have 5 in hand (Need For Speed is backordered from Amazon).  I have COD Ghosts, Killzone, BF4, AC 4, and NBA 2K14.

Some quick impressions:

  • The UI is FASTER!  Much faster than PS3.  And its pretty slick.  
  • There's actually party chat!!  
  • I like the whole "What's New" thing, kinda like a twitter/facebook feed
  • I love the broadcasting and share stuff
  • The controller is more comfortable, not sure about the touchpad on it though
  • The web browser on this thing is actually good (I like the Wii U one better)
  • Hate that you can't upload videos directly to YouTube
  • The included headset is HORRIBLE LOL
  • Finally PSN PROBLEMS LOL!  Can't really be avoided though, same thing happened with Wii U and will probably with Xbox One.
Here's true next gen for you... wish this went up on Youtube instead of my facebook :/

Oh and a pic I took from AC4...

Sunday, November 10, 2013

PS4 Launch Week!

Just got back from vacation a few days ago (from the Philippines - just missed the typhoon by 24 hrs).  Can't wait till Friday!  I'll maybe post something when I do get it (videos or what not).  Here's a trip back to the Sony E3 conference.