Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Random Stuff

Damn Feb already and its almost March... what the heck! Lots of stuff came out... too many games to play as usual. My WoW account expired so no more that (for now). I've been playing Marvel vs Capcom 3 (game is awesome). Also been playing Killzone 3 (another awesome game). And now I've been playing COD: BO and Halo Reach again, thanks to my new toy (XIM 3). Read more if you wanna know my impressions of it...

Received my XIM 3 on Monday and so far having a blast!

The thing is small and light.  Vertically and horizontally its about the size of an iPhone.  The USB connections are a bit tight, but that should loosen up after a few uses.  There's no visible buttons (except for the small pinhole reset button to put it into PC mode).  Its very well built and feels very solid and doesn't feel like some cheap toy.  I love it!

Navigating the XIM 3 is a breeze.  The LCD is nice and bright and the directions are pretty straightforward.  The amount of customization you can do on setting sensitivity and such is amazing.  It's basically PC gaming on the couch with an Xbox 360.  Amazing!

So far I've only played Bad Company 2, Halo Reach, and COD: BO with my XIM.  It definitely is a game changer.  I always preferred COD over Halo Reach, but with the XIM, I am actually enjoying Reach more (I don't know why).  Playing Reach with a KB/Mouse combo has a whole different feel and is something everyone should try.  My K/D ratio has gone up and it has improved my game a lot. 

Oh and for giggles, here is my setup...

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