Saturday, December 17, 2011


Hi!  Finally updating.  Been busy playing all these games.  The last one came out Tuesday (or if you pre-ordered you may already played it).  I'm talking about Star Wars: The Old Republic.  The queues are kicking now (30 minutes to 1 hour waits!!!), and its getting crowded.  I played in the beta for only a bit (didn't want to spoil it), but so far I am liking it more than WoW (then again I haven't tried out the end game yet).  So maybe I'll Fraps some video and upload it on my Youtube channel.  You can actually can some video of it on a recent livestream I did.

Why hello saggy butt face monster...

If you want to play you can hit me up in game (I play on 3 servers - yes 3 because people I know decided to play on different servers).

Deathwish on Prophecy of Five (playing with RL friends)
Destro on Hedarr Soongh (PVP server shack guild)
Tabachoy on Corellian Run (PVE server shack guild)

I usually switch between all three so I don't level fast enough.  One thing I do like so far are the Battlegrounds.  They seem more exciting in this than they were in WoW.  I dunno why...  Maybe because everyone is still a noob at it.  Though there are already level 50s (the current cap) running around in each server I am.

Sunder afternoon walk...

The graphics are nice... but currently no AA settings available (unless you mess with the config files).  Some textures look blurry.  The sounds are perfect... and of course the musical score is nice (especially when it kicks in during boss battles).  Gameplay wise it's World of Warcraft with a Star Wars skin.  Crafting is better I think.  Storywise, it blows out WoW... What I miss most though is LFG tool.  Asking for groups in General chat is annoying.  They also need to put in word bubbles.  I tend to ignore people just because I don't pay attention to the chat window.  Well time to play!

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