Sunday, August 12, 2012


Been awhile.  Already August and I have a massive backlog of games to catch up on.  First off, finally beat Max Payne 3.  Overall the game is alright.  Haven't really jumped into multiplayer too much, but from the little I played, it wasn't too bad.  Next games I want to (or need to) beat is Spec Ops: The Line, Skyward Sword, and Xenoblade.  I played a bit of Spec Ops yesterday and it didn't really turn out too well (I forgot the controls).

I'll trudge through it and hopefully beat it eventually.  Good thing I got this game extra cheap when it went on sale.  This week we see 2 big releases, Sleeping Dogs and Darksiders 2.  Can't wait for both.  Expect Live Streaming on both games this week.  I saw Sleeping Dogs at PAX and also played it at San Diego Comic Con.  After playing it, I wanted to play more of it.  In preparation for Sleeping Dogs, I went and watched the Raid: Redemption last night.  The action is awesome but wow, its Mortal Kombat bloody.  This is how the movie pretty much is (if you haven't seen my previous post before):

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