Monday, November 19, 2012

Wii U - More Impressions

You can find me on the Nintendo Network as:  inc.77
Anyway here's more quick impressions:

- Miiverse is awesome!  It's more like Twitter than Facebook, except you can "Yeah/Unyeah" posts (similar to Facebook's Like).  You can also draw and the character limit is much much longer.
- Friend's list!  YES IT WORKS AND ITS EASY!  LOL
- The eShop is actually nice and working!  Unlike the 3DS when it first came out (a mess).  There's already so much games up on it!  I ended up picking up NSMBU (about 1.7 gigs) and ACIII (which is still downloading lol - 16 gigs)
- The Internet browser is actually usable!  You know how junky console browsers are so this one is a surprise.
- It has a download manager and it allows background downloading!  Yay!  It also has the option of letting you choose for it to shut down after downloads are complete.
- TV Off Play is the greatest thing ever!  The range is good!  I am able to play on the gamepad in any bedroom in the house which is great!
- Got a spare 2TB lying around and hooked it up.  Yay!  It works!  I misread and didn't see that anything over 3TB will not be seen by the WiiU which is the reason my previous attempt didn't work.
- Zombi U - I am enjoying it.  It's different and I don't mind the combat... yet.  The reviews on this thing is all over the place, but it might be something you'll enjoy.  The setting and atmosphere though is top notch.
- NSMBU - I played this game while lying in bed and its the greatest thing ever lol!
- Nintendoland - Need to try it with more people.  Though even with 2 players its good fun.

No Likey:
- Loading times... ugh...
- Miiverse was constantly down yesterday, hopefully it will improve as time goes on.
- Downloading is slow!!!!  I am just hoping its because of the flood of people coming into the service.
- My profile got moderated and restricted!!  LOL!!!!  I put my link on my profile and they contacted me saying its a violation... wuh!
- No TVii!!  I actually wanted to use it!
- MiiMaker is the same.  I wish they added more customization options.
- Doesn't work on controlling Receivers :(

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