Thursday, August 29, 2013

Final Fantasy XIV!

The game is great so far!  If you love the Final Fantasy series, you'll love this.  Even more if you like MMORPG or are just tired of WoW.  Some things I like:

- FATES - basically random world events
- Duty Finder - YES!  SWTOR would've been a hundred times better if it had this from the start
- One character = ALL YOUR ALTS - because you can switch classes anytime
- Runs good on my old laptop!
- I like the crafting system
- Graphics are nice!
- Jobs!!

Some things I hate:
- WTF WORLD IS FULL (hopefully this won't be happening next week)
- Still instanced separated areas instead of one FULL world
- Stupid quirks - like unable to talk to NPCs while mounted, the inventory system is a mess, pets are stupid and doesn't control well, and there are others...

Here's a short vid from a livestream.

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