Saturday, November 16, 2013

Playstation 4!!!

Got it, with 6 games (Amazon + Target B2G1 free bought with rewards/coupons).  Out of the 6 only have 5 in hand (Need For Speed is backordered from Amazon).  I have COD Ghosts, Killzone, BF4, AC 4, and NBA 2K14.

Some quick impressions:

  • The UI is FASTER!  Much faster than PS3.  And its pretty slick.  
  • There's actually party chat!!  
  • I like the whole "What's New" thing, kinda like a twitter/facebook feed
  • I love the broadcasting and share stuff
  • The controller is more comfortable, not sure about the touchpad on it though
  • The web browser on this thing is actually good (I like the Wii U one better)
  • Hate that you can't upload videos directly to YouTube
  • The included headset is HORRIBLE LOL
  • Finally PSN PROBLEMS LOL!  Can't really be avoided though, same thing happened with Wii U and will probably with Xbox One.
Here's true next gen for you... wish this went up on Youtube instead of my facebook :/

Oh and a pic I took from AC4...

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