Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 Gadget WANTS!

Just compiling a list of gadgets (geek stuff) that I want, and will probably buy in 2014.  If all these do come out this year (others may already be out), its going to be mighty expensive year.  Good thing no new consoles are coming out (unless you count a steam machine)

Oculus Rift
I want this.  Tried it in NYCC and loved it.  If they come out and release the latest dev kit, I might bite (hopefully I can resist)

If this ever comes out for IPS monitors (27" etc), will probably buy 2 of these.

Synology NAS (DS214play)
This has been out since October I think, but I've been eyeing it.  Looking into upgrading my current home setup with this.  Looking to see what DSM 5.0 brings on Jan 16, and then maybe I'll go pick one up.

iPhone 6 
Just rumors out there.  Depends on what they add to it will determine if I upgrade (currently on iPhone 5).

Steam Machine
Will probably build my own, though I am tempted to get one of the custom ones (mostly because of the case and form factor you wouldn't get from building your own).

Well these are the major ones.  I probably missed a few others.

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