Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Week In Gaming

Titanfall is here!!!!  I'll have some vids or something up soon.  Hopefully.... maybe.  If XBL ever lets me log in... sigh.

Also, I was able to beat Southpark this past weekend (its rare I finish games these days).  Definitely one of my favorite this year so far.  They nailed the humor and the looks of the game to that of the show.  Its so good I might do a second playthrough!

Finally Dark Souls 2 this week!  Amazon decided to skimp on my shipping so my Dark Souls 2 went from UPS to USPS and with USPS who knows when I'll get it.  I guess i'll complain to Amazon if I don't get it this week and they'll just credit me with $5.00... :/

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