Monday, November 10, 2014


Hey... its November.  Its a busy month for gaming (still playing Sunset Overdrive and Bayonetta 2 from last month).  Last week was COD:AW... which I actually beat the single player (first time since MW1-2).  This week we have Assassin Creed Unity and Halo MCC.  If it wasn't for Target B2G1 free, I would've probably skipped ACU.  Then next week we have GTA V (buying it again), Dragon Age, and Super Smash Bros.  And finally the last week, the next World of Warcraft Expansion (probably not going to pick it up till December).  Yikes!  Too may.  At least I beat The Evil Within from last month (game is not bad, though it had its issues, mostly technical).  I still have to beat Alien Isolation and go through Borderlands: TPS.

Anyway enjoy some video of Sunset Overdrive (click on the gif below).  The game is a lot fun.  Kinda like Crackdown meets Jet Set Radio.

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