Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New York CC - SWTOR

Hahahahahaha!!!  I didn't even realize they recorded our game and commentated on it.  In the video I am the one playing as Shadow-PVP (jedi with the dual bladed saber).  The Guardian was played by a friend.  The video is funny cause of the way he played.  The comments on Youtube are hilarious!

I can't really give any detailed impressions of the game.  It played like WoW.  During the game I cloaked into the corner of the map so I can read the tool-tips and see what skills I had.  They did not allow us to select our classes (for good balance reason) so it was pretty much random depending on what computer you were on.  Overall I had fun even though I wasn't really sure what most of my skills were doing.  Waiting for another beta weekend to kick off and hoping I get selected (hopefully I get selected when I am actually home and not on vacation).

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