Sunday, October 16, 2011

New York City Comic Con 2011

Went to the NYC Comic Con yesterday and took a few pics.  Not as many as I thought I would take.  Though I did manage to vid capture some Mass Effect 3 (though it doesn't show much).

Oh and probably one of the best part of going to NYC Comic Con was bringing my 3DS and collecting a whole mess of Miis.  I was able to finish two puzzles because of it haha.

Anyway... read more to see pics and 2 more videos (Goldeneye and Prototype 2 Gameplay).
Here's a video of some Prototype 2.  Looking pretty good...

Here's a video of some 4 player split screen Goldeneye... not sure i'll be playing this with all the other crap coming out...

And finally here are a few pics I took from the convention...

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